Scammer Popova Marija

Nizhniy Novgorod Russia

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Comment #2025
Hello, my lovely! You're always in my thoughts, I always think about you.
> I feel happier woman thanks to you, but I am happy, because you truly
> communicate with me, you're not lying to me. You're telling me sweet words,
> make a compliment, and all this from a pure heart, that's why I feel the
> happiest woman in the world. When I read your letters, in my heart there
> is a sense unearthly lightness, I just want to fly to the sky and shouted:
>*****, I love you, love you! Dear, what you feel when you read my letter?
> What feelings you have when you think about me? Lovely, today I had a
> beautiful dream. In this dream we had a romantic evening. We sat on the
> beach of the sea or the ocean and watched the sunset. Imagine palm trees,
> golden sand, the sound of the sea and no one around, just you and me. We
> drank champagne, you fed me strawberries! You told me about yourself, about
> your childhood, about life. We shared our secrets and were so good together
> lovely. At some point, our eyes crossed, and we froze. We silently looked
> into each other's eyes and not say a word, words were no longer needed. We
> understood each other without words. I wanted to you tight, hug, get a
> taste of your lips, the feeling was mutual! I saw it in your eyes. And then
> you pressed me to you, our breasts touching, our bodies become one, you
> gently kiss me, saying sweet words in my ear ... At this moment I wake up.
>****, I was a little disappointed that it was only a dream. I asked myself.
> How? You were close, I saw, I feel you. Again I closed my eyes and imagined
> you, our wonderful evening, tried to go back to sleep. I did not want to open
> my eyes and go back to reality.
> Lovely, I was with my mother in the travel agency, where her girlfriend is
> working. In a previous letter I told you about it. She introduced us to the manager.
> I told about you, that we have mutual feelings, and I want to travel abroad,
> to you, dear. I also said that soon is my vacation, and we must do all documents
> for travel to the vacation. Manager has understood me, and said that in this
> period can make all the necessary documents, passport, visa, insurance and tickets.
> But when he showed me the price list I learned how much this trip costs. Then burst
> into tears. I could not calm down for a long time, I was crying from frustration.
> When I got home, drank a sedative, and tried to find the money, borrow from friends.
> I even called to my general director, but he said that all the money in circulation,
> and now he can not help me. My dear, I do not know what to do, to whom I still seek.
> I want to come to you very much and I want to be with you. I do not know how to tell
> you, but I ask you to contact with travel agency and pay for the trip.
> Favorite I believe that you really told me
> the truth, I beg you would react seriously to my request, I will wait
> your answer .... I am sending you a link to web site
> Travel Agency ( on this website, you
> you can see and read in detail about all the services of the tourist
> Agency ..... So I am sending you a link to support panel
> ( This panel is designed specifically for
> agency clients, you must go on the link and register
> there, after registration you can leave their messages for
> manager of the agency directly on this support panel. Favorite so I
> I am sending you an electronic mailbox Travel Agency
> ([email protected]) you can simply write a letter to the manager
> Travel agency and it will give you full information about my
> travel to you. Beloved, I beg you would react seriously to this
> question, please write management agency and find out what you need To learn all the
> details you need to know my full name Marija Popova, and my
> address city Nizhny Novgorod. I'll wait for your answer, I believe in you.
> Lovely, I think you know me and realize how much I want our meeting. I am very uncomfortable
> in front of you for my request, but I did not expect that the trip to you will be so costly.
> My salary does not allow me to do it without your help and I hope only to you my love that
> you help me come to you.
> Gently kiss you, my love ***> Your Masha.