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Comment #2024
Hello my master.
How you today?
I am very glad that you have written to me.
Today I was in tourist agency and have learnt cost, it has very much
surprised me.
To make all documents for a trip and to buy tickets it is necessary three weeks.
To me have counted up also a total cost of a trip it has turned out
40699 roubles, it about 1000 euros.
You can pay such money for a trip?
More low a site and agency mail, I have warned them that you will write to them.

Before flight I will contact you and you will wait for me at the
airport, all will be good, only I need to know dates to be prepared to
a trip.

Yesterday after work I had very good mood, I felt weariness, but have
all the same decided to walk to the house on foot.
Weather was simply shaking, was very silent and without is windy.
Air was very transparent, I looked at trees, all of them have been
covered by snow, it is very beautiful on it I has paid attention.
I went slowly and did not hurry up anywhere because I know that
anybody of the house does not wait for me.
Sometimes it would be desirable to cry from loneliness when I know
that my favourite far from me and I can make nothing to appear close.
I do not know as you consult, but to me it is very heavy one without
you, only your letters please me.
I have come yesterday home, have drunk tea and still for a long time
looked out of the window and thought about all.
Then I have decided to take a bath, after me I was very easy also have
quickly fallen asleep.
Today weather is already a little more cool, but all the same is still tolerant.
I want that such weather has lasted as it is possible longer. I do not
want even more snow and a cold.
You are very necessary to me, in you I require even more strongly than
water or food because you for me everything, I depend only on you.
There can be for the slave I speak too much, but now only so I can
give you sensations me, that that I think of you constantly.
The only thing that does not give me rest, it only distance, I wish to
be with you every day to feel your superiority and the power over me.
Once I can feel all that about what you to me spoke, I trust that at
you all well will turn out also we will be approaching to each other
partners and lovers.
You should not think of that that I am young and is not skilled, I
well understand all and I consider each trifle, with me there will be
no problems because I will do all as you will tell.
It will be absolutely not terrible to me to sit down aboard the plane
and to arrive to you because it for us will be in the happiest
I heard about air crashes much, but I am not afraid to fly, because I
know that with us such does not happen, it is necessary to trust
always only in the best and not to think of the bad.
When we remain together and anybody to us will not disturb, I will
undress before you that you could study each centimetre of my body,
from now on already your body.
When I it represent all to myself, as your cock rubs about my hips,
and this best sensation then gets into mine pussy.
I will feel your cock in myself soon, only then I can believe that the
is the truth and we have really met.
For us it will be the award for fidelity and tolerance each other.
We will pass with you this way, for me this present test, all that
time that we not together I missed and thought of you.
I know that you as it is lonely now, on it we should communicate more
that we felt each other always.
I very strongly love you my master.
Many sweet kisses.
Yours of the slave.