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Poltava Ukraine

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Comment #2013
Pasting the last letter.

Hello my sweet xxx!!!!!

I enjoyed yours also!!! Yours letters always bring me much excitement
and pleasure!!! To be honest I can't already imagine my life without
you, your letters that make me feel so special but I'm afraid it seems
I will have to try...

I have told you from the very beginning that I have to use the service
of translator that my friend advised me... and unfortunately it is not
a free of charge one and I already have to start save on my lunches to
have a chance to have your letter translated and visa versa... but I
babe it's getting rather hard for me to starve every day... so either
I will have to start learning to live without you ... or you would
kindly support our correspondence and give us a chance to stay in
contact, to develop this wonderful feeling and discuss all the
possibilities of meeting as imho this correspondence is absolutely
wonderful but can't last forever .. I want to meet you, to feel you to
look into your eyes, to hold your hand, to taste your lips....

I realize you have to think about it but in a case your attitude
towards it would be positive here is the e-mail address you are welcome
to contact to get the details [email protected]
"Eventus_TransOffice" office.
I don't want you to think that I am asking you for money... I just
hope you are also interested in the continuation of our relations and
being a real gentlemen that I appreciate in you so much would kindly
support our mailing... this is all I am asking for... just give me a
chance to hear from you, to feel you close to me... to continue this
happiness and hopefully bring it through all my life...

If you decide to stop just like that then I wish you all the best as
you really deserve that I wish you to find a woman who will make you
feel the way you made me!!!! May you always be happy and loved!!!!
Thank you for everything!!! I must be the luckiest woman as I had an
opportunity to feel myself a Queen and little girl at once and it is
what every woman could only dream about!!!!

Yours only