Scammer Kurtviliyeva Anna

Tashkent Uzbekistan

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Comment #2005
You liked me.And I liked your letter.To begin with I will tell a little about myself. I
the woman serious, modest, laconic. I like to be engaged in different kinds of sports, to listen to
a blues and a jazz, to look melodramas. My hobby - drawing and game in billiards. Still I love long
pedestrian walks, especially in the autumn. To me to like to walk under a rain.
5 years ago I could marry. But my groom was lost in an air crash. I very long worried its
destruction. And since then I unfortunately and could not find for myself the worthy man with whom I
could be happy.
Many men spoke me the beautiful words, many men promised me the happy life, many men told about to
themselves a lot of good only to draw my attention. But as a result all it remains only their
words.I wish to find the man who is capable in practice, instead of in words to prove
the interest in me. I wish to find the man who is capable to make noble acts for the sake of the
woman in practice, instead of in words. The talker is not necessary to me. The man is necessary to
me. I have already got used to do conclusions about the man on its acts and affairs, instead of as
he said.I do not interest long correspondence.Me the real meeting with my man interests.
Now concerning you and me: become possible we with you we can good friends, become possible we with
you we can a good married couple. Whether in any case only from ourselves depends there is a similar
possibility a reality.I consider that the main thing in relations between the man and
the woman is the love and mutual understanding. Also I think that at you the same opinion.
Now I wish to tell to you of what I even did not think to speak to you. As it is very difficult to
me to speak to you about it. I wish to ask you about the help. You have the full right to deny
assistance to me, but I have a small hope that you will agree to help me. The matter is that now in
my life there was one very serious problem. I should pay urgently 600$ for apartment rent in which I
live. The owner of apartment has suddenly raised the size of a rent and for me it became full
unexpectedness. And if I cannot pay this money in the nearest two - three days me can move from
apartment. I have no right to ask from you this money. I have no right even to ask you about,
whether you to me can help to solve my problem. I simply wish to ask you about the help. If you
agree to me to help and if you can help to solve to me my problem I will be sincerely grateful to
you. And if I have a possibility to thank you for your help I will necessarily take advantage of
such possibility.
If you agree to me to help, you can send for me money through Western Union.After sending of money
you should me inform three things: 1) a special (transfer) code that I could receive this money here
2) your full name 3) the name of your country and the city name in which you live. My data: Anna
Kurtviliyeva (my full name), Uzbekistan (my country), Tashkent (my city)
Really it is very inconvenient me and it is a shame before you. I do not want that your opinion on
me has changed to the worst. I simply wish to be with you as much as possible fair and opened. And I
fairly and openly ask you to help me. Certainly it is not enough chances, but I have a small hope
that you will not deny assistance to me. I very much ask you to help me. Please.