Melitpol' Ukraine

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Contacted me through RUSSIAN EURO site. On later checking for her profile, it had been removed.

This individual contacted 3 weeks ago through the RUSSIAN EURO Site, using the name YLIANA & claiming to live in MELITOPOL, Ukraine. The name of ASKITA was used on her emails.

Very charming, studying Psycology at University and working part time there as well. But soon told me I was here love & that she was losing her job. How could she afford her education now??

She sent me many photos.

Having already made the acquaintance of Natalia Maslenikova of Yoskar-Ola, Russia, I was on my guard. As soon as I told 'YLIANA' the no money would be sent, her letters immedietely stopped.

I’m a very passionate girl))I’m so tender and loving)))I want to find the man who’ll love and support me))To know me better you simply must talk with me more)))
Here is my e-mail:
I am already waiting for your letter.
With the best wishes, Juliya.

Hi,my long waited dream,xxxx)))I’m so happy that I have you in my life!!!You are the real treasure for me. I’m like a swan,which is waiting for it’s soulmate.When I met you
I had a feeling that my wings raised and I could fly))Your letter take me higher))When I’m thinking about you I loose my mind!!And I’ve written a poem for you,
it expresses all my feelings and tender intensions. It’s all from my soul and heart!!
And i was so glad to read that even when you have some your everytday things you think about me and our relations.
I was so interested in what you've written to me about your festival and it's organisation.
I've heard about that all the airports are closed now because of the How are you,my xxxx??How is your work??))What has happened in your life for the past days??I want to know that you are ok, because I worry about you.
Yesterday I was walking home from work,and I decided to go through the park. The weather was nice,the sun was so bright and I even heard birds))They were singing about us)
It was not very cold and I walked slowly. I was alone,thinking of you, Dear,I miss you so much in my life!!!I realize from day to day that I need you,your smile and tender words.Especially now. I sat on the bench and cried.I don’t want to load you with my problems,I’m not that kind of person who likes to complain. But I’m in despair.
My director told me to come to him and asked me to be ready to leave my job. there will be the official announcement. He said that I work only the half of the day and they’ve
found the girl for the whole day(( Sweety,I tell you this because I know that only you’ll understand and support me!!I really trust you. I hold myself in my arms and don’t
let my emotions take control over me only because of you!!! How I wish to be with you now, to cry on your shoulder and simply to feel that you are near and you need me too.
Honey,I’m so waiting for your letter!!I need it now more than anything in the world!!I send you all my warm and tender kisses,xxxx!

I missed you,my xxxx!I’m so glad to your letter!!Sweety, I was so waiting for it!!
And thanks a lot for your compliments to my poem and to me))And i think that when it'll rain you'll think about me and what i mean in your life.
And i'm glad that you had such a nice weekend and everything goes well with your work.and I hope that you had such a lovely time with your friends.
Thanks that you worry about me,and please don't say that i neddn't to worry about you,it's not so.i think about youa nd your life a lot and do care about all this.
And i was so glad to receive new pictures from you))especially i like the one where you are with your friends in the park,i think that it's so nice to have good friends to spend time with them and just to have a rest.
All this time I needed your support so much!I can’t find the words that wll show you how much I like and adore you!!I even hadn’t expected from myself such serious relations.
We even haven’t met yet but I feel the native soul in you!!You are not alike the others,you are only mine,I know this!!
And I share all my sorrows and problems with you,because I hope for your protection and help. I’m your small child who needs you now. I have no work from today(((
They’ve retired me((I can’t tell you what I feel now((I’m at a real loss,what to do,how to live further??!!I came home and told my parents about this.But I’ve not found support
in them(((They told me that they don’t have money and I must leave my University((When I worked I paid the half of the sum for education,I worked because I wanted to help them!!!
I’m on the 4th course and only the half of the year is left,how can I leave now??((I know that my parents love me and it’s not their fault,they really can’t help me(((
Honey, I’m so sorry to tell you all this,but I can’t hold everything in myself!!And the worst is that the director at work told me that if I receive a diploma the next year
they’ll give the place in the staff.I was so dreaming about my own career,but all my dreams have disappeared((And I can’t find the solution of this problem.
Darling,xxxx,please,write me the soonest!I can’t wait till the moment we’ll be together!!I want so much to escape from my problems,but it’s impossible((

Hi,my sweety xxxx.How are you and how is your life now?
What about your weekend,how did you spend it?
All the days i was earching for a new job,but everything is just in vain and I don't know what to do with all this now.
I asked my parents to support me with this,but now they aren't in a posistion to help me with my education.
and i really feel so terribly now,i can't imagine that all the years that i've spent at the university will be in vain and that in future i'll
not have the possibility to get a good job according to my specility.and these thoughts made me cry all the night long,because i can't find the solution.
Thanks for your kind words to me and that you are really thinking about me and my situation.
I'm in such despair now((I don't know simply what to do.
I have to pay for my education this week!What to do,my sweetheart?
Dear,I was at so many places but they all refuse to take me to them for work and how can I leave the university now((
In summer i'll receive my diploma,but if they simply throw me from the university what to do then?!
If I will tell you a million times how much I like you and care you,it cannot be compared even with the
quarter of what your help mean for me!
I'm grateful that you understood my situation,I must say that I felt ashamed to ask you about this,
and if not this situation i would never asked you.

Darling,I have a real problem.I don't have the possibility to pay for education now((Can you help me?

I'm waititng for your letter today!!kisses

Your's Yliana

P.S.maybe you can call me today in the evening,here is my number +380955306597,I need to talk with you so much,especially at the moment,
I need to hear your voice and to share all what i have in me with you!!