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Hello xxx! How are you?

My real name Irina:) I am very pleased to receive your response
xxx! I do not even know where to start my first letter to a man
from another country ... I hope that my e-mail was a surprise for you
also, yes?

Perhaps you can ask me why I did not seek rights in their country?

Fairly to admit Very much it is pleasant to me the your country, and I
think, that other people living in our region of one Opinions with me!
I like people from the your country, I think they are not similar to
us. People from the your country are more intellectual, Are polite,
noble, sociable, amicable and as it seems to me they better concern to
women, That you will not tell about our men. Men from Russia and want
to offend or humiliate the woman, They do not reflect that we the same
people as well as they. Still men from Russia Like to drink a lot of
alcoholic drinks, I think it to not like any normal person, and In
particular to women! I can speak and write the English language, and I
decided to find people from your country, and I decided to write to
you with letter, ххх. Well, ххх, let me tell more about
themselves ... As you read on my questionnaire me - 28 years, My
growth of 5.6. My weight 57 kg, I - "Capricon" on the zodiac My
birthday 11 April 1980:) I - White Russian girl on nationality. With
regard to religion, Christian, I xxx, and I believe in God. I
never been married, and I do not children, I am the only child in the
family. I am sensitive, Thoughtful Moreover, it easily surprised. My
close friends and talk about me that I - warm, funny, smart and
Intelligent, purposeful, sociable. About my city where I live?:) I am
I would like to inform you that I live in the city here in Russia.
Murom it is located about 300 kilometres from our Russian capital
of Moscow. Timezone Murom -- GMT +6. Our city Murom - one of
the most beautiful cities Russia, I love my city very much remarkable.
There are many beautiful streets, squares and other attractions in our
city. But it is so cold here, frost forced people to continue Streets
in warm clothes, and what about your weather? On cold or heat you?
Most of all I want to say to you that my favorite season - summer! I
like when the sun shine on the streets, this is - this is party to
vote birds, He - this is so romantic. And you love summer?:) Also I
would like to inform you of my education. I Investigation into
Murom University. In addition, I want to speak with you about I
learned English when I studied at university, Can I speak in English
without any problems, I think ... But I see that I do many spelling
mistakes, I think I I hope that you will can understand my English
language without any problems? Indeed, xxx? Please let me about
this in its next e-mail, okay? Also, I would to inform you that after
graduating from university, I received a diploma in specialty
"Business and accounting." But, unfortunately, I do not demanded the
formation of my However, as well as in Russia, as in many Other
countries, it - it is very difficult to find good jobs above Good
specialty. Now I work as a dental assistant in a dental hospital. I
enjoys working here in our domestic and our visitors -- good
customers. I have no computer in my house, and I to use Internet
cafes. Probably, I finish my e e-mail. xxx, I would be grateful
if you want to write me about you directly as I did so. I would like,
if you tell me, for example, about their family, whether your big
family? About Yours City, where - do you live, I never was in other
countries, and I I would be happy to learn about your country. Well,
let me finish my e-mail, I hope to see your answer soon! I Photo Use
of Mines, I hope that you will find my photographs of the goods. Well,
goodbye, xxx, look forward to your message is fast! Care,
Sincerely, Your new Russian friend, Irina.

P.S. You may ask why I am in my profile I write that I am from another
country. I explain to you. When I create a profile on the dating site
I give Russia their country but when I move to the next page to fill
your profile I speak Error. I had to enter another country to
registration on this site dating. I think you understand me.