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Hello dear John

It was so pleasant for me to get your letter and I really glad that we can know each other better now.I hope that we can become real friends and maybe one day our meeting on this site will lead to a great feeling,which we can call Love)I think that you are not against of all this.

First of all I want to tell you that my name is Ekaterina and I live in very big city Odessa,which situated in Odessa region,near Black
sea.Do you like sea,John?I really enjoy leaving here,because everybody knows each other like in one big family)It's very difficult to describe,but I feel warmness inside myself when I am walking the streets and can breath freely here.But I want you to know that if my second-half will live in a big city i think that I will follow him wherever he will go)

As for my family I can tell you that I will together with my mom and my little sister and her name is Marina.Our family is not very big,but it's so friendly.I think that if you will meet them one day you will like them a lot.Oh I almost forget to tell you that I am 23 years old and I am elder sister.Marina is 13 years old and as you know now she in teenager age.It's rather difficult to communicate with her sometimes.But I try to be very attentive to her because our mother works a lot to make our live easier.As for me I am a student of the last course in the University and my future profession is a teacher of English,that is why I know his language rather good.It's not perfect but I think that we can understand each other.By the way I want to add that I help my mother also and I work at school.I like my job,because I like to communicate with children.I think that I will be a good teacher because I love children and they like me also,because i think you know that children are the small adaults and they feel everything very good.I spend a lot of time at school and university and I don't have a lot of spare time.But I think that I will tell you about my hobbies and how I like to spend my free time in my next leter o you if you will be interested in our next relations.I don't want to be boring to you and that's why I will finish my letter her.

I want you to know that it will be very intersting for me o know about you more and I think you won't be against of telling me something about you.
Also I senf yo my photo)I really want you to like me)

Ok...Hope to see an answer from you,John.Except my gentle hugs.