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Hello my the new friend XXX ! In my first letter to you I want to tell about me! My name Nataliya. To me of 26 years. I have been given birth on May, 15, 1983. My sign on zodiac Taurus. I was born in city Moscow.But after some time I have moved with the parents to the city of Cheboksary because of work of mine of the daddy. Mine the daddy was the doctor in hospital earlier, and in 1989 of mine the daddy have directed to the city of Cheboksary. Now I live together with the parents in the same city of Cheboksary. My growth approximately 173 centimeters, and my weight of 59 kg. XXX I hope that you understand the Russian measurement of height and weights. My hair blonde colors! My eyes blue colors. My the new friend I hope that you loved my letter and my photos which I put with my this letter. It is a photo which I send you, it has been made not so for a long time! I think that you can present what I the person! XXX I as would want that you to me told about yourselves in the following letter to me a little. And as I would like to see your photos! I shall be very glad if you will answer me my letter! I shall wait from you for the answer! Your new friend Nataliya.

Letter 2

Hello my the new friend XXX ! I am very glad to see today your answer!I am glad to know more about you, now I can present what you the person ! Dear in this letter I want to tell to you about my city. I shall hope,that it will be interesting to you to read this letter! As I spoke you in my last letter, that I live in the city of Cheboksary, it is rather big city. But when we have moved from the city of Moscow to the city of Cheboksary it was not such big as now. My city is located approximately in 700 kilometers from the city of Moscow. And as it is located on coast of the biggest river in the world ! The name of this river "Volga". My friend XXX Every day I notice that in my city new buildings are under construction. It, for example new apartmenthouses, shops, the big supermarkets. I am very pleased, that my city to become every day is more and more and more! I like to go, after the work in new shops for that what to buy the food stuffs! Dear as in my city there is one fine park. This park be longs to the big theatre. I like to do after work walk on this park as I with best girlfriend Evgenia like to go on performances to this big theatre which to be about park! In this park always it is a lot of to people as it to be in city centre. Dear as you can search for my city on the Internet I think it to you to like! I want, that you to me would tell, that be about your place where do you live !I shall hope, that I shall see very soon your answer. Yours Nataliya.

Letter 3

Hello my dear the friend XXX . How your affairs ? I am very glad to receive today from you the answer. It was very interesting to me to know about that place, where do you live. I do not have any especial hobby, but I like to listen to music, to go to cinema, I even would name it hobbies more. As to travel to other country I always would like to travel to othercountries and in general to go to round-the-world travel. But unfortunately I have no such opportunity, it is more expencive for me. XXX in this letter I want to tell to you more about me, it about my family and about my work. I work as bookkeeper in cafe. Unfortunately,I have no computer at home, and I write to you letters from the work.As I want to tell to you a little about my family, I think, that to you it will be very interesting to know it! As you know, that I live with the parents, we live in city centre. Our apartment with two rooms. To mine to the daddy of 59 years. Now he already on pension.But he earns additionally the night watch man on construction, it to benear to our house. My mum the housewife, her a name Olga, her 57 years. My mum worked in shop earlier, but now she any more does not work, she on pension. As I have the younger sister. Her name Ekaterina. Her 21 year. My mum always spoke me, that the main thing in the person it not age and that feels heart. Dear I completely agree with my mum in it! In this letter I put to you some my photos. My friend I shall be very glad, if you inform me a little concerning the family. I shall be very pleased, to read it!I hope, that you will answer me soon. I shall look forward to hearing from you. Yours Nataliya. P.S. This is photo you ask me.

Letter 4

Hello my dear XXX . How passes your day today? I am very pleased to see your letter! XXX Today I want, that you would learn more about me and about my former relations. When to me there were 20 years then I have already stopped, school and college, I had the friend with who at me were serious attitudes some years. And we already reflected on ours with it to wedding and about children in the future. I very much loved this person, but once in the evening we have decided to meet it in cafe. I waited for it there 2 hours, I very strongly began to experience from him and began it to call. But it did not take a tube. The next morning to me have called from militia and have told to me, that my friend have killed on his work. After that I could not look at those giftswhich it gave me. Now I search here for the man as I think that now the majority of men of Russia not so love the women. And now I have decided to search to myself for the man on the Internet, here I want to meet the man only for serious attitudes, what as to build family int he future. Dear I hope that you were pleased to see my answer to you! As I want to learn from you why you arrived to the Internet for search of the girl ? Now I shall well finish the letter,and I with impatience shall look forward to hearing from you ! Yours Nataliya.

Letter 5

Hello my dear XXX . How are you XXX ?I am very pleased that you have answered me my letter! XXX yesterday when I have come home from the work I spoke the parents about you! I have told him, where do you live and what you the person. My parents have answered me, that you dear very decent person, I was very pleased to hear these words from them! My mum spoke me, that I should be more more cautious with the choice of the man, but I am confident, that you completely approach me, as I hope, that I to you as approach. I the daddy spoke me, that I should be more cautious in a choice of the man what to build with him serious relations in the future and to build family. As they spoke me, that my parents very much want grandsons, they want to be the grandmother and the grandfather! They very much hoped, that I shall have children from former mine relations, but from this not that have failed, as they have ended very tragically. Dear XXX I think, that we with you know the most important about each other, and I think, that we should have with you our first meeting face to face. I think, that we with you can understand only at a meeting are created we with you the friend for the friend whe ther or not. But I very much hope, that we with you are created the friend for the friend!Dear you reflected about our the first meetings with you ? Here is a photo you ask me in your letter I hope you liked it =) For today I shall well finish the letter. I with impatience shall wait from you the letter! Yours Nataliya

Letter 6

Hello my dear XXX ! I am very glad to see your letter! How your affairs? I hope, that with you all is good! I am very pleased, that you invite me to yourselves! It is very pleasant for me! I with impatience wait for that day when I shall enter into your house and to be with you be side some time! Dear I very for a long time thought as I can arrive to you. I learned at the best girlfriend as it will be better to me to arrive to you. My best girlfriend very much likes to travel with the family abroad. And she to me has advised one travel agency in our city. She to me spoke, that this very reliable travel agency and the best in our city, in Cheboksary. As this girlfriend has coupon on the discount of 5 as she very much frequently travels. She to me spoke, that if I shall arrive to you that she to me this coupon will allow. I think that I today shall leave little bit earlier from work and to move to this agency that learn the information of relativeit. It is not difficult for me my dear XXX ! XXX as I spokewith the chief on work, and I spoke him that I shall travel to the favourite person. I asked at him holiday. He to me spoke that he holiday from work will give with pleasure to me for that what I could to travel to you. My chief to me speak, that he will search for the new worker instead of me while I shall be at you in the country. Dear XXX also it is interesting to me as for a long time I can arrive to you, I think that to me can give long holiday, and now to me during what time I can interestingly be at you. Dear I shall well finish the letter for today. I dear shall inform you news from travel agency tomorrow because today I shall not come back any more to my work.. Forever yours and only yours Nataliya.

Letter 7

Hello my dear XXX ! How are you? I hope all is fine.Dear XXX first of all I want to tell to you that yesterday I visited travel agency as I and spoke you. The employee of this agency Alexandr spoke that first of all him it will be necessary to know in what airport to me necessary to travel. It is necessary that they could calculate the full sum of my travel to you and also for what term you are ready to receive me. Because he spoke that to me will be do the visa which will be valid during 2 months. Also he spoke that Iall over again need to give some documents for my registration international passport. There fore I shall take it in the nearest days. Dear XXX do not overlook to speak me in the following letter the nearest airport to you ! Dear XXX I have some dreams concerning us together.I think of that as you will meet me at the airport and then we shall move to city for walk, you will show me the city and we shall take each other for hands and to have good day. I to have some alcohol, only a little in the evening to note ours with you a meeting, and then to move to sleep. What do you think ? Dear XXX I shall wait from you for the letter later. Yours Nataliya.

Letter 8

Hello my dear XXX !As I spoke I checked my e-mail box and for me was the big pleasure to see from you the letter. Dear XXX tomorrow I shall move to travel agency to give necessary documents and also all necessary information on it. After I shall sign the contract with tourist agency I shall speak you about all things and also to send you a copy of it if certainly it is necessary for you. What do you think ? Dear XXX as to a photo I shall take it tonight specially for you in a bathing suit that you saw what I have a figure and I hope that to you will be this photo is pleasant. Only I have a scar on a stomach from that as I was performed operation several years ago. But I hope that for you it means nothing, did not it ?I wait from you for the answer soon. Yours Nataliya

Letter 9

Hello my dear XXX ! How are you and how your mood ? Dear XXX first of all I want to tell to you that today in the morning before work I visited travel agency and concluded the contract with it. I send you a copy of it that you have made sure of gravity of my intentions to arrive to you and to be together with you by all means. The total sum of my travel to you makes 23 555 rub and it's about 620 Euro, cost of mine international passport, vice, the insurance here enters. All these documents will be ready till May, 31 then I should move to Moscow and to take off to you. My tickets will be reserved from 1.06.2010 till 30.07.2010. It means that I shall beat you during 60 days. It is normal for you ? Today I shall be collectmoney to pay mine travel contract. Dear XXX I wait with impatience of that moment when we with you shall be together. I will be sure that this time unforgettable for us with you and that we can be happy with you in it together. When I close eyes each time I present ours with you a meeting, I present as you will allow to me the first kiss, the first embraces. Up to my start to you there were only 10 days, but this time to go eternally will seems to me that! I very much want to have a meeting with you soon!!!Dear XXX I send you a copy of mine travel contract and also which I promised a photo to you do. It has been made only yesterday by my sister, and I hope that to you will be this photo and my body which becomes fast yours =) is pleasant XXX I shall check later from you a mail and I hope that you will answer me. Yours Nataliya.


Hello my dear XXX ! I am glad to receive from you the letter again. I sit on work and I wait for your letter every day !Dear XXX I have some problems about which I to you did not want to speak earlier and thought that I can solve this itself, but I do not have other choice and I should speak you about it. Dear XXX the matter is that I have some difficulties to pay my travel contract. As you know to me it is necessary to pay about 620 Euro, but unfortunately I have no such sum on hands. I have only about 70 Euro. I tried to speak about it with the parents, but they cannot give to me of such money. And I do not have other choice as soon as to ask this help you. Dear XXX you can help me with such sum ? I should pay this money tomorrow or after tomorrow that my documents have been prepared by June, 1. I hope you understand a situation in which I you have got also can help me in it. Dear XXX I now still on work also wait for your letter soon. Yours Nataliya


Dear XXX I am glad to receive from you the answer so soon. My dear I talked with travel agent and he spoke me that the most good and fast way to send money it is Western Union. He spoke me that for it is necessary that you knew my full name and my country where I live. Here it is : Nataliya Glazyrina - my full name, Russia - my country, and Cheboksary - my city. But he also spoke that I should know your full information (full name, country, city, and address). I know all this a cut of your address, there fore inform me. Dear XXX as to a photo tomorrow I shall take a digital photo the device and after work I shall be do for you these special photos. OK ? I still here also wait for your answer. Yours Nataliya.