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letter below
Hello, my new friend.

I am very glad that you are not disregarded my letter. In my heart I was hoping that you answer me. I read your letter, and a spark of joy came into my eyes. We will be able to know each other better, although the Internet acquaintance to me is something new. The first time I ran into a familiarity of people through the Internet, so hard for me to begin my story about myself, but I'll try. My name you already know. My name is Mariya. I was born in a simple Russian family in the city Puchezh. My date of birth May 6, 1975. Now I am 35 years old. I live with my parents, I have no brothers and sisters. I am an only child. My height - 1.73 cm and weight 57 kg. I have no bad habits and alcohol - it is not in my rules. I am very sympathetic, affectionate, sociable girl. I really appreciate in the human sense of humor.

I live in Russia. Russia is one of the most ancient countries, rich in many cultural and architectural values. I grew up in a small town. His name Puchezh. Puchezh - a city in Russia, administrative center of Puchezhskogo region Ivanovo region. Population - 9,400 people. The town is situated on the banks of the Volga, 117 km from Kineshma and 175 km from Ivanov. The fate of the city Puchezh unusual. In my town there were two of life. The first lasted for several centuries, and the second began in 1952. In connection with the construction of the Gorky hydroelectric station, Puchezh entered a zone of flooding, and it was decided to postpone the city to a new, high place. The old town with its churches, merchant houses, beautiful waterfront disappeared forever. Part of the wooden buildings had been moved to a new city, and all the stone - are destroyed. Survived one church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, but it suffered a sad fate: in the early 1960's it was demolished. But the old city lives in the memory of people, in historical documents.

Title Puchezh gave Puchezh Big River (now Pushavka) and Small Puchezh (now Birthmark), at the confluence of which a small stream Pushavku was located Puchezhskaya suburb, where the inhabitants were engaged in crafts and trade. Near Puchezhskoy suburb, on the other side of the river stood Pushavki monastery - Pushavinskaya deserts. He was a small, lived there at various times from 6 to 20 monks. Now Puchezh with 9 thousand inhabitants did not like the old one. Multi-storey houses and new buildings are the city. Among them - Flax, the plant reinforced concrete structures, strochevyshivalnaya and garment factories, the company for repair of agricultural machinery.

You can see photos of my city in this letter.

Just wanted to tell you a little about my parents. My mum name is Alexandra, she was 53 years old. It is beautiful, kind woman. Mother works as a veterinarian in a clinic for animals in our city. She loves animals, and gave them to treat more than 20 years. Despite his busy schedule, because treatment of animals is a very important thing to do and takes a lot of time and effort, my mother was able to cultivate in me a real woman - smart, kind, honest.

My dad - my favorite is a man. His name is Eugene. Pope 55 years. He works as a teacher. My dad is very responsible and fair people. I am very grateful to parents who have given birth to and raised me that what I am.

Remembering his childhood, I remember with great joy the day went to the first class. I was 7 years old. I went to a classroom where a teacher was my father. " I really liked. I'm very fond of and love my dad. I tried to learn, and that dad would put me in an example to other students in our class. And I have a good job. When she finished school with excellent marks, I decided to go to her mother's footsteps and enrolled in medical school. I really liked being a student. Student Life - is a very fun time. The time when you can prove. I met many interesting people, learned that was not previously known to me. When you have finished institute, I became a children's doctor - a pediatrician. I found it difficult to find work, because in Russia is not appreciated by young professionals. I have long been in search, and, finally, luck smiled at me. I found a job in children's clinic where I work today. Treatment of young children is my calling. I love children and always happy to come to their aid. My friend, you love children?

You're probably surprised that I wrote to you, because in my life it would seem everything is fine? But this is not true. I am very lonely, and lonely man could not be happier. I am looking for a man who would understand, loved and respected me and what I do. My heart is free, and from that I am unhappy. My friend, perhaps you're the one who can light a spark of happiness in my heart. Please tell me a story about yourself. Are you working? How is your life? What do you like doing in your spare time? Tell me about the place where you live? Are you looking for a serious relationship? I am very interested to know you. I am interested in Internet communication, as it is to me the first time.

I look forward to your new email to me.

Your new friend Mariya.