Scammer Kotyukha Iana

Luganks Ukraine

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Comment #1983
She always asks for money, but I have never sent any
so she lost the interest in me.

Hi there

Here's another Sammer. Iana Kotyukha City: Lugansk Ukraine.

This is a money scammer, Iana, ID: 8681, on

It appears that an accident affecting her once a
week and when she asks for money to solve her financial problems.

Some examples

Hello Dearest, good afternoon to you

I returned yesterday late in the evening, at about 23. Today in the hospital the doctor
prescribed me to make massages every day during 20 days. My back aches because I stand all
the time, I guessed the reason, I stand at school during 6 hours, then I g somewhere, at
home I iron standing, I cook and again stand and then during the weekend I am as a manager
need to watch everything and stand all the time, all the night, just for some 20 minutes can
sit in the end of the evening when there are little people. Now I need to find time and
money for the massage, as a good professional person who makes a massage, with a medical
education takes much for his or her work, I learned in the hospital it is 8 dollars per one
time, so for twenty days I need 160 dollars

Hello My dearest xxx

Soon the end of the month will come and I will need to pay the rent for the flat and the boss will take
almost all my salary this time, and I won’t have money to pay the rent. Bengt, dear, please,
help me with the rent,
please,xxx, dearest, please, write to me, please help me with the rent, my dear. I am
ashamed to ask,
but I see the end of the month is so close and I am afraid, i need 80 dollars now.
I need to go already, have no time now any more,

Kisses to you, wait for your news

My Love, my sweet xxx, I know you are now thinking of other things,
not the things I am thinking about.
xxx, my father is now in the hospital and has serious problems, he needs operation on his
leg as the break was serious, and the most difficult as they say, the most difficult as it
can be on the leg. Mum is alone with all the things in the garden and in the yard, I have
plenty of work at school, concerts dedicated to the last bell at school, tests, exams, work
in the restaurant on weekends, I is ply have no time to go to hospital in time to bring food
for father. I am in real shock now with everything what is around me.
xxx, I have financial problems, I understand that is not your headache and your problems,
but I really do not know where to borrow money for the dad’s operation, for all the
medicines he needs. That is al so terrible.
xxx, I am sorry if now I can’t think of the skype and the time when to come there.
xxx, I wanted to borrow some money from you, dear, some 60-70 dollars, that is ј of what
we need for operation, but part by part I need to gather the money, please, dear, do not
leave me in this situation. I will work then again hardly and will return the money when
you are here, I promise you.

Please, I wait for your news,


And this is the last two letters:

xxx, and how will i come to Kiev, i will need money for this as well.
farther is good in his mood but his leg is so bad.
i am very much sad and sorry about this.......

xxx, i am sorry but i have serious problems with dad, it is a hard situation here with all

his health and blood pressure. I have no time now to meet you, i am sos orry.
I understand you will leave me nopw, but..... better for you not to come now.

Кому: imissyou
Дата: 25 мая, 12:51:31
Тема: sweetheart