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My dear xxx , thanks for your fine letter, very pleasantly that for so much
to time we with you now can speak me about us. And about our life.
Yesterday I spoke you that I shall go to travel agency that all to
learn for that that to me is necessary to arrive to you. As I also
have made. I have prepared for you for the list of necessary documents
which are necessary for me in embassy for reception of the visa. You
do not imagine as I is happy because I have met you, and you for me
very much much mean, I want that we with you were together. I hope
that soon there will come that fine day when I can kiss you in the
real world when I can really kiss you. I want to feel your real kiss.
If you could see my person after I was in travel agency, it light a
huge smile. It is not very a pity to me that I can turn to a bird and
fly to you, through this huge distance.
My love to receive the visa to me it is necessary:
1. The questionnaires filled in English.
2. The passport for travel abroad: the original + a x-copy of page
with a photo.
3. The certificate on a birth: the original, a x-copy, translation
into English language (about
Notarial assurance of translations).
4. The information on absence of a previous conviction and records it
is criminal character. In the information from Militias should be
specified all names, surnames and dates of a birth, with which you
Ever used. The information should contain the information on each
place (areas, territory, republic of the Russian Federation) where the
applicant lived or lives More than 6 months, since 16-years age,
including the periods of study.
5. Results of medical survey in the sealed envelope. Physical
examination can be passed in One of the medical centers accredited at
Embassy. Term
Processings of results of physical examination - about 2 days. Behind
more detailed information about Physical examination address directly
in medical the centers.
6.2 color photos of a fullface in the size 50x50 mm for the visa. The
image of eyes should
To be at a level 28-35 mm from the bottom border of a photo.
Photos are required in addition for medical survey.
7. Money for payment of consular gathering, and for registration of
all necessary information - $442.
My dear you could help me in registration of all these documents?
I hope that you can study the information, and inform me as soon as
possible. I hope that we with you shall very soon together!!!
Your love Natalya

Letter 2

hello xxx!
Your letter means so much for me. Thanks.
I want to tell for you very important thing, yesterday I went to
church and prayed for us. I asked the god that he has given us
more forces in our relations, and we in the near future
have met you also our love has arisen with new force xxx .

My love today after reception of your letter I at once has gone to
travel agency to learn from them as you to me can help with payment of
my documents. They to me have a little told that there are
remittances, and we can take advantage of them. But nevertheless they
to me have told that I have addressed in bank. After that I was
directed to bank to learn all about these translations. In bank to me
have told that there is a bank system of translations moneygram and
western union, and we as can take advantage of this system. To me as
have told that you were interested at yourself in bank about it. Well?
My love in bank to me as have told about that that you will require my
full information.
Nizhniy Novgorod, 603000
street: Baumana, the house 60, an apartment 46

I so waited your letter and so wanted to learn that you will tell to
me. I regret, that took place with you, but I hope, that everyone will
be good, I shall pray concerning you. Thanks for your words and
gratitude for your feelings. Your words have touched my heart and have
penetrated into depth of my soul. Thanks for your sincerity and
tenderness xxx . And thanks for your feelings! I never thought,
that in the world there is a man which can force to feel like me
similarly to a flower only by means of words. Thanks, that you have
brought spring in my heart!
xxx , today I write to you with special anxiety, but also with
pleasure and hope. I really hope, that everything, that I shall tell
to you today, will do you happy. Last time, when I have written
to you my letter, I had the big grief in my heart, and even that I
tried to not show it, I think, that you have noticed it because my
letter was short.
Yesterday I spoke with the girlfriend, we very long time talked to her
about us. And I have told, that I want to meet you xxx ! I have
told to it, that I want to spend my vacation with you Patrice! I
can arrive to you, and we can waste time together if you want. And all
over again I was afraid, that if I shall tell to you about it in the
letter, you will write to me, that you do not want, to see me or
cannot meet me. And it would damage my heart. But Svetlana has
told, that you xxx and I are such good friends, our
relations are constructed on sincerity, therefore xxx
will be happy to waste time with me. And I really think, that it would
be delightful. So, what you will tell, xxx if I shall offer you a
meeting? You would be happy to see me and to spend with me some days?
I cannot imagine in general as it would be wonderful. You would show
me your life, we shall study each other in a real life. We would study
eyes each other, we could hold our hands, speak each other silly
histories, laugh and tease each other, observe stars in the evening
sky and have romantic evening, go at cinema, or we could sit simply on
a bench in park and who knows that else we could make together... I
would be happy to make all this together with you, instead of again to
be lonely without you and our friendship. I simply want to meet you.
Anyhow, we should meet. It is possible to wait eternally.
You would like to waste time with me? You would be pleased, to meet me?
You would be happy, to have the first meeting at your airport?
I shall look forward to hearing from you with pleasure.
Your sincere Natalya