Scammer Sumaila Sekina

Accra Ghana

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ooops....i thought i had to do it in the previous section!

One more thing though!! she was very pleasant to talk to, with very good english.
After I told her that about the visa, she always put it as a trust issue and that we shouldn't continue. She didn't care that the visa was fake and still wanted me to send her the money and she would try....and IF she was stopped, then I could tell her that I was right......I think it would be too late if i did that!

I will try to keep this short but with a lot of information.
She approached me in the website She tried to do live chat with me through the website and immdetially we went off and started using Yahoo messenger. Needless to say that she was no longer registered user in the website, or put her account into sleep mode.
We started chatting and never asked me for any money. She told me she was working for a elementary school and that she was living with her mum, and she had a food shop.
IF she really is a me when I say she was veeeeeeeeery smooth and not in a hurry.
Never send me any nude photos (I never asked for any), and she has send me a few photos of herself. We carried on chatting, she also gave me her mobile number....but very rarely had it on her, other times was switched off, or her mum had, because she was never expecting any calls.
She had internet at home(satellite) but not a land line phone(suspicious). When she was not online, she was claiming they had power cut offs, even for 3 days.
Anyway, I told her if she wanted to visit me in Greece.
Of course she had no passport so I send her some money to do it, and then I send her some money for the visa. The visa normally costs around $100, but the applicant needs to go for an interview and also produce some documents. She didn't ask for anything and she went to an "agent" and he would do the visa because he knows people...
After a weeks time, she send me a copy of her visa. I started making enquiries, before I send her money for the ticket which we were holding at a travel agency.
I contacted 3 embassies in total and did some research on the internet.
So today, asked to speak to the person that did the visa for her. She gave me his number (mobile) and I called him up. He said he got the Visa from the greek embassy in Nigeria (there isn't one in Ghana, which is correct). The thing is though, the visa was not Greek but DUTCH, and didn't even have a stamp on it from the embassy. If the stamp is not there, it is definately a fake!!! so everyone please be aware.
Don't pay for tickets in advance, and tell them to hold the tickets with a travel agency until they send you their visa. After you receive it, start making enquiries with the embassies to see if it is real. At least you will save on the ticket money, like I did.
So, after I spoke to the guy (phone number: +233543904996 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting +233543904996 end_of_the_skype_highlighting)(he is also has "Intercontinental agency"..a fake), i spoke to my girl and told her that if she goes to the airport, she will be stopped. I tried to explain to her, but she was always trying to tell me that I don't want her to come here etc etc etc..So that was the end of it. Even when I said to her I could go there instead and we could meet, she gave me no reply.
So, be aware.......she is veeeeeeery smooth!!!!!!! she even did some photoshop in one photo to show me she had pictures of me on her bedroom wall and writing with my name on, on a cuddlybear.
I was explaining that the visa is a fake and that I believe she is real, and she could go to the DUTCH embassy in Ghana and ask them if the visa is real and if she could travel or not. She didn't reply to that and signed off from the messenger.
Be aware....I repeat it!!!!!
If anyone wants more information, they can contact me through email.