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Hello,dear friend!
I'm in hurry today to send my regards to you from Ukraine! :)
I'm not sure whether you know much about my country, but I promise,
that you would like it. But, now the most of all I want you to like me.
My name is Irina, though my friends invented many pet names for me. :))
I am 22 and I think, I am already grown up enough to call me with the whole name.
And what is your whole name? What qualities can you mark out in yourself,
wich by your openion would plese a young woman? I have already marked out
some things in you! But I won't tell you yet, hahaha. :) I won't describe
my appearence, I think you can perfectly see everything on my photos. I
have a cheerful character, try to percieve everything from the positive
side and I never hide my smile. I think that it is easier to communicate
with the smiling person, than with sad and cheerless, don't you think so?
What character do you have? Tell me, are you tender and gentle in relation?
What else can I tell you? It's so hard to concentrate at first encounter. You
know, I'm alittle bit shy yet, but I want so much to become friends with
you sooner. What do you think about my suggestion? Don't be sad please, I
want you so much to follow my advice to smile. :) You don't even fancie how
our aquaintance is pleasant for me!I hope you won't leave me without an answer
for a long time! Wish you a wonderful day!!!
Irina with tenderness.

Letter 2

Hi,my dear XXX
Oh, I am so happy to hold your letter in my arms again, darling. You
filled my heart with so much pleasure. I've got a hope, that sooner or
later I'll forget about my loneliness. I'm a student yet, studying at
the economical faculty. My speciality is an economist.
With a great pleasure I'll continue to tell you about myself.
My family is not very big, I live with my Mom. My father left us 10 years ago.
We almost don't see each other as he mooved to another city years ago.
I can say, that we are the best friends with my Mom. I always
take her into my confidence. In the evenings we often play chess and watch
movies. We even go to the Shaping Club together. She feels herself as if
she's 20: cheerful and active. And do you have kindred spirit?
My hobby - modelling and dancing. If I had more spare time, I could sew
myself many stylish clothes. I adore to cook also. Someday you'll taste it
by yourself, ok? :)
I am sure for 100%, you'll like it. My favourite dish - stuffed ling. I
called this dish "vkusnyashka". What do you think? :)
In spare time I like listen to the music: Sting, Madonna, Britney
Spears. And what kind of music do you like?
I cannot say, I have no lacks. I am not perfect. To tell you the truth,
I hate early awakening. From childhood I became enthusiastic about
mathematics. The world of numerals and logic conquered me. Every day a
million numerals flashed in front of my eyes.
For the sake of my family I can refuse from anything. I can even
leave my country for my only love. Who knows, maybe it's you?
Waiting impatiently for your soon reply.
Kissing you softly.
With tenderness from Ira.

Letter 3

Hello,my dear XXX
Thanks for your photo, I liked it very much.
Honey, last night there was a beauty outside! The weather was warm
and birds sang their songs! I like when it's spring time,'cause it
always reminds me about soon summer time and the sea! I wish you
could see this beauty. I bet you'll invite me to have a walk with you,
right? Before going to sleep, I was looking through the window! I just
wanted to get the burst of energy before my sleep. I wished to see you
in my dreams! I saw myself in the image of a little bird, who was
sitting in the twig of mountain ash singing it's song! This bird
was thinking about you! It was windy and man's strong hands took me to
his warm home! I knew for sure, it was you! You didn't cage me, but
gave me some bread and water! Maybe there was a sign, that you'll
always protect me?! I feel sorry, that my dream was over suddenly, but
I'm happy I woke up in high spirits! I'm sure, I'll think about you
all day long, my defender! Ha-ha-ha.
I want you to know, that I didn't have any serious relations yet. Some
guys at University paid their addresses to me, but I know that all of
them like also my girlfriends. That's why, I decided to search for a
man by Internet, who will interested in me only. Do I want too much?
I want us to have the same aim and look at the same direction! :)
You are still a mystery for me I want to guess, but I like it!
Ok, I have to go to the University now.
Waiting to hear from you tomorrow.
With tenderness, Ira.

Letter 4

Hello, my dear XXX
Thanks for your photo, I liked it very much!
This morning I already passed exam at the University!
I feel a burst of energy and it's all, thanks to you!
You are making me happy by your letters! I feel so much pleasure
talking to you. You know, my mom noticed, that since I'm talking to
you, my eyes are shining! I can't wait, when I'll complete the
University. As soon as I have diploma, I'll build my family life! Hope
we'll be together! Don't know my I chosen profession of economist?
Maybe because my granny was a teacher of mathematics and she taught
me! What about you? Do you like your profession?
How are you? Perhaps you guessed from the addition to my
letter that I write you from Internet Cafe. I have not
earned money enough to buy my own computer, besides I cannot
use it. In general technique isn't my strong side. And
Internet Cafe offers everything such people like me need - a
good translator, photographer and so on. But the most
important to me is to know the Internet Cafe has a good
reputation, I was advised to use it by my mom's friend whose
daughter married and left for the USA in such a way. The
woman just told me,'Ira, go there and you'll find such a
man you even cannot dream about here!' There is just one
snag, I must pay 4.59 USD for every translated letter of our
correspondence. But if to pay 98.99 USD we can write one
another every day, to take photos every day and just to
enjoy communication! I'll not hide from you, I'd find it
very pleasant if you'd help me with payment for the service.
I have no a permanent work so my salary is small. I just
cannot afford now to pay for study and our correspondence at
the same time. Believe me, I get used to settle my problems on
my own but till I am not able to earn enough money to pay for
everything I would find it very nice if you'd settle the problem
for me. Believe me, I am able to be grateful, all the more I
long to make you happy from the bottom of my heart! Either I
dream about the moment you'd call me to you and I'd quit
everything to be with you!
I get used to answer for my words. If I didn't see a perspective
for us to be together,I would never let you approach my heart
so closely!
I am waiting for your decision and very much hope we'll not
lose one another in the world of Internet and do our best to
meet and settle all our problems not in front of computer
screen, but holding each other's hands!
With tenderness,
your Ira.

Hello,my dear xxx
Thanks for your photo, I liked it very much. How is the summer going?
Is it hot there? The summer is extremely hot here. :)
As for a picture in high boots, I wish i could send you such, but
unfortunately such boots are very expensive here and I can't buy
them. :(
How are you today? I was afraid you won't write me after my previous
letter! I know, that I have no rights to ask you for financial help. I
really feel sorry, that I have no computer at home. If I have it, I'll
surely study English by myself and never ask you for a help!
I really feel uncomfortable about it. I crossed my city trying to find
cheaper prices for translation services, than in Internet Cafe I use.
Unfortunately the price is the same everywhere, 98,99$ for one month
unlimited correspondence.
Believe me, my thoughts are about you only, not about my study this
moment, 'cause I'm afraid to lose you! I know, there are lots of scams
in Internet, who try to play games with other people's feelings.
They will surely pay for their deeds! Thanks for your trust!
I promise you'll never regret about your decision to continue our
correspondence! I'll never lie to you and let you down.
Though I'm young, I used to be responsible for my words!
Soon you'll see it by yourself! When we meet each other in the
Airport, you'll see that I was right!
I give you my address:
Irina Levchenko
Kozubinskogo street,
4a,96, Lugansk city,
Ukraine, 91000.
I was told, that Western Union is the best way for sending money,
though I never used it.
Have a nice week-end.
Waiting for your letter.
Kissing you.
Yours Irina.