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11 march 2008

Hello ****,

Thank you for your letter. Of course love will change a lot, rainy
days becomes sunny, you have a goal for your life. That's for sure,
and what is more wonderful then knowing someone loves you? But love is
a short word, but it is not you can go to a shop and buy it. Of course
there is love at first sight, but real love takes time. This means
there must be lot of mutual interest, things you like in love
(regarding sports, hobbies, free time, and so on), the way you look at
world (politics, economics, and so on) and personality. So if all
these things are what i and you like too, there is a good base to
start from. So i really like to know more about you, what you do, what
you want, what you like and dislike. And i hope you will add some of
your photos into your next letter. I hope you will add some of your
First I would like to thank you for your interest in me. I know that I
have a good look and everything of that kind, but I was very surprised
to receive your respond as I thought meeting in the Internet was quite
impossible. Anyway I can see that it is okay and it is possible. It
will be nice to me to let you know more things about me and my life
despite usually I don't like telling about myself. So it is my first
time and hope I will manage to introduce myself to you.

I guess you can understand that I am lonely and i don't have any
boyfriend here as I write to you. Actually I had a good childhood and
my birth date is on the 10th of June, 1982. I was born in a small town
of Svatovo, it is situated in Ukraine, in its Eastern part. I can't
tell you much about this place because it is a small town, but it is
beautiful here and people are very friendly. After school I went to
the university, but to be honest now I work not according to my
speciality, I am a shop-assistant now and actually it was quite
difficult for me. I was looking for a good job for very long time, but
I really couldn't find it and that was why I decided to become a
shop-assistant. I find it quite good because I can have communication
with new people and I can find out much more about life and

As for my family it is not so happy thing because my father died ten
years ago in a car accident and that is why now I live with my mom and
I give her my support. I am doing all my best to be able to help her
and now she is much better. i think I will be able to tell you much
more about me and my life next time. And now i can say some more words
to you. I am open, talkative and I like communication with my friends.
I am sending you my pictures and as you can see I like doing sport as
well as I want to keep fit. So as for the other things I will tell you
next time as now I have to go.
I will be waiting for your letter as
well and hope you will be able to let me know more about yourself as
well. Wish you a nice day.

your Alena

14 march 2008

My darling****,

Thank you for your letter. I really want to see you. And i have a
dream, i want to see the world. But unfortunately i don't have an
international passport, i don't know if it is a problem for you. So,
if you want to visit Kiev it will be wonderful.

It was so difficult for me to have all that patient to wait till now.
To tell you the truth I have been missing you much. I don't know how
it is possible, but I was thinking a lot about you and our
communication and you know **** I have found out that you have really
touched my heart. I mean you have something special in yourself and it
attracts me to you so much.... i didn't use to have such feelings to
men, but you have made them wake up and I am thankful to you for this.
i still can't understand what it is, love or just a temptation, but
anyway ***I like this for sure. Hope it is okay for you.

Sorry, I don't have any pictures of my cat, but I will tell you about
it and our meting. here we have a special place where they sell
different kinds of pets and this place is situated in a park. So once
I had a walk there and I was just watching all the dogs and cats
there. They all were so cute, but i was not going to buy any of them
because I wanted to buy a dress that time as it was before my
birthday. But on my way suddenly I met a cute little kitten that was
standing near my feet and looking at me like the cat in the "Shrek"
you know. I think you have seen this cartoon ****, it is very
funny.... I was going to pick it up, but the the seller came up to me
and told me that this kitten cost money and if I wanted to buy it I
should have paid. I was looking at the kitten and didn't know what to
do. it was kind of love from the first sight you know. So I refused
from the dress and bough my little kitten that I love so much now. I
am very happy for my decision because now I have a wonderful
companion, I think you will like it****.

Well that was my happy story of my meeting with my cat, but to be
honest I am not so happy now because I have bad news. I didn't expect
this to happen this way, but I can't do anything with it. The fact is
I am run out of money and that is why I can't continue correspondence
any more. i have told you about the firm and translation of my letter,
but now i can't afford it. It was my only way to keep in touch with
you **** because they provided me with everything..... I don't know
what to do now, but deep in my hear I have a hope that it won't be the
end.... I don't want to let you go..... with love
yours Alena

19 march 2008
Hello my dear*****,

Thank you for your letter. First of all i want to discus all questions
according money. I need your advice. I really want to learn your
language, but i can also learn English. What you think is better?
Then, i have asked one of my friends and she recommended me one
school, where i can easily and quickly learn language, and what is
more important i will have a good practice there. But it is very
expansive, i think so. I went there and asked for prices. Here they
are: if group will consist of 30 students i will need to pay 200$ per
month, 16 students- 250$ per month, and if i want a tutor, which will
be better, it will costs 300$ per month. I don't know if it is
expensive for you, but it is so for me. But i really want to learn
language. What will you tell me according this? And the next question,
the passport costs 300$ and i in passport office they will do it
approximately 2-3 month. Please, think about it, and tell me your
thoughts about all this. And once more, i have paid 216$ for
translation agency. Tell me exactly what i should do with the rest of

I know our future meeting will be exciting. Maybe both of us would be
a little nervous. But our first meeting might be at the airport. I
will come off the airplane or through customs. When I see you, our
eyes will widen and our smile will be from ear to ear. When I reach
you I will give you the warmest of hugs and some good and maybe
romantic kisses.....I realize this is our first meeting. But just
maybe you might pick me up in your arms and carry me away. We could go
to some resort to spend time just with ourselves getting to know each
other. Then after a few days we could go to meet your family and
friends. But the one thing I vision is the happiness we have between
us. Excuse me, that i asked you a lot of questions, but i really need to
know this. I don't want to scare you with all my problems, but i don't
want to make any mistakes, and i don't want to disappoint you.
Love you and kiss you,
your Alena

Hello my dear ****,

I is amazing that i can read again the letter from you. I can't stop
thanking for the Internet and translation company that they gave us a
chance to be with each other. Dear, i am happy that almost every day i
can be happy, because i will read a letter from you. I have told you
already that people start asking me why i am so happy, they also
noticed that i am "shining from inside", could you imaging? Thank you
again that you are with me.

Dear, i am really sorry that i forgot to tell you that i got your
money. I thought that i have told you about it. I am sorry that i made
you worry about it. Dear, don't worry, i will pay 100$ from that
amount that you have send already and pay for reserving the flat. I
don't remember if i have told you that about payment, but i will tell
you think once again.
The flat will cost 70$ per day, i hope it is not
to much for you. And dear, i also thought that we will need a
translator, i hope you wouldn't be against of it. And the work of
translator will cost 50$ per day.
So, tell me what you think about all
Oh, and about your coming, of course you can come and be here as long
as you want, but dear, you know what kind of boss i have, so you can
imaging that i wouldn't have enough time to be with you, we have
already talked about it. So, as for me it will be better if you will
come from 10 till 20th of October, but you can choose other date. And
i will be waiting for your decision. And i think that it will be
better if you will come to Lugansk on 10th, because on 11th we will
have a chance to be together. And it is not difficult for me to come
to the airport to meet you. And don't worry, there will be a transport
to house.)))) ……………………………..
Ok, dear, i will continue my letter. I feel that i need to take a
rest. Tomorrow is Saturday, and that mean that i will get one letter
from you before Sunday will come.
Kiss you and love you,
your Alena


24 june 2009
Hello my dearest man****!

How are you today? How has your day been? I have missed you greatly
honey and now your letter is great for me:-) it is very good to hear
that you are doing well and all is fin. you know it is the main for me
to hear that my man is alright and there is nothing to worry about. As
to me I am fine as well and all is going on alright, so everything
seems to be okay. You know dear, today my working day was not too long
and I finished my work a half an hour earlier, so this is really
good))) and do you remember about that new cafe in my town? So my
colleague invited me there and after I finish my letter to you I will
go there and meet her, we will have a cup of coffee and maybe some
ice-cream, but nothing more. It is really interesting to see how it is
there because the house looks very beautiful from outside and that is
why I am very interested. It should be nice there inside as well and I
think it will be very comfortable, so I will see everything and then I
will tell you about it. Surely that would be great to be there with
you, but I will be patient and when we are together we will go to
plenty of such places))) Thank you a lot for money that you have send
me, i will receive them tomorrow. Thank you once again for this. I
didn't spend money which you have send to me last time, i put them on
conditioner. I have told you that it is very hot here and that i don't
have it, so i thought that you wouldn't be against of this. If you
will tell me then i can pay for 2 months of classes, what do you think
about this?
Well, dear, I am sorry to leave you now, but it is the time for me to
go already. My friend Ann is waiting for me, so I will manage to relax
a little bit and to drink some coffee))) I am thankful to you for all
your patience with me, your care and your love. I am sending you all
my love kisses and warm hugs, even though it is hot now... I will be
here for you soon:-) Don't miss me too much, I will be with you in my
with love, your Oksy


Hello my dear****,

I would like to thank you for your letter and for all kind words to
me. I am sorry, this letter will be short. I don't want to tell you
anything bad, but i should. yesterday my father felt really bad, the
emergency came and took him to the hospital again. I have spend there
whole day, and the doctor told me that i should take my father to the
other hospital which is situated in Lvov, this is the other part of
Ukraine, and they had the clinic where they can help him to feel a
little bit better. He need a surgery. Now we can't go there because he
is very week, but we also don't have time. OS we will go there maybe
after one week, when he will be a little bit better. I will tell you
everything when i will know for sure. So according to your visit i
think that we should wait till i will know everything.

Now i will run to the hospital, i should be near my father, i hope
that you will understand me.

your Oksy

26 JUNE 2009
Hello my*****,

Thank you alt for your letter. But i should tell you that my heart is
in the pain, you are tear it with you words. I can't be without you
and i can't leave my father when he needs me. Of course i want to be
with you, but now i have such thought that maybe it will be better if
we will separate? Maybe it is too hard for you to love through such
big distance? We have a lot of problems and we can't be together
because of them when we want it. You should build your happiness and
maybe life without woman from Ukraine, maybe for you it is too hard
this. Of course i understand you and don't want to hurt you, but i
should tell you for you to know this, that i don't know for how long i
will be with my father in Lvov and when i will return, and when he
will be better , it can take long time but you already can't wait. I
don't know what to do now. I have a lot of problems and i feel that i
can die now with all this. I don't know what to do, i want to be with
you and help my father, i can't make you wait for me for so long.
Please understand me, maybe we both will find the way from this

Still yours Oksy