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Luganks Ukraine

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Meet her in dating site Absoluteagency, september 2009.
I have make an report in that date site, but any answer from their side, she is still there with different name and age.
In the beginning she was using the e-mail, but after a few letter was changed in
Sincerely i don't remember if i was me to contact her in the beginng, but when i had start to receive all that letters full of passion and with that photos, you know, is easy to loose the mind, but after four or five letters i had receive one from the translating agency where was write something like this: Hello mr. *** (this is my real name) this is translating company Litera, we woul like to inform you miss Victoria is not able for pay for the correspondence, she is very interested in you, she is miss you and bla,bla,bla. I have wait some day, but every day i was receiving the same story and then i have start to send money, the price was 5$ for each one and 3$ for each photo, fortunately for me me the money are not a problem. In the beginning i have send her with the money for the correspondence 200 euros a mounth for help her for the english courses, she told me she don't know english, this for three months. My first suspect are become soon(october) when i had receive an photo from her with one of my in her hands. You have to know every file has his id and if not deleted you can have all info of it, how can be possible if a girl have her job in a museum art can go to the trasnlating agency during lunch time make an photo at ten o'clock in the morning??? Suspect two: in october i was sending money, something like 200 euros for the birthday of her daughter for buy the doll barbye and also the house, but in december for xmas she ask me help for make a present for her daughter, barbie and house. (again?) Then mad i have ask her why if she have already gift to her daughter that present for her birthday? And look what happened, me and miss Victoria had an accord to write each other every other day,(monday and thursday) but the answer is come in the same day, two hours after for be more precise, very strange no? I have quick answer to the translating agency telling them the fact, but their answer was this: we don't know why she is come here, maybe she had something to tell you, we are not responsable, we are simply an translating agency. After that i was come out with an story of my problem asking her sorry but i can't help her anymore with english courses, don't worry i understand she said, the main is we are toghether. Till april all has proceed regular, but suddenly she is come out with a story telling ukrainian government have close the gas in the nation and now is still cold and also i need to heat wather in pans for take a bath, (that could be possible, i know for sure Mr. Putin have already firm an accord with our italian prime mininster for make a new hose gas passing from Turkey and skipping Ukraine, because they don't pay fee.) First she is come out for make an private heater with the cost of 1000/1500 dollars, but when i have propose her to buy an simply boiler she have accept and i have send her something like 150.00 euros. Fact three: Last week she told me in her country they celebrate the Whitsunday, (like Italy) and the agency will be close even monday, this mean i will receive her letter on tuesday, and till here all is ok, but wednesday i have receive one when was write today is thursday i came to the agency but any letter from my side, what is happen to you (me) and without any kind sense of words, surely not write of the same person, who have write me the letters till that moment paid really attention to all my questions. Fact four: i have stop to answer her and i'm really happy i have take this decision, but hold on during that time i have also send her money fo passport and visa, something like 900.00 euros, i don't have check how much i have spent in total, maybe something like 3/4000 euros, is not a problem for who earn almoust 30.000.00 euros a year like me, but are throw away. In any case was a nice experience, and like all the things, there is an end!!!