Scammer Miniankova Natallia

Moscow Russia

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Comment #1944
FirstName: Natallia
LastName: Miniankova
City: Moscow or Kirov (not sure) Street ….
Email:[email protected]
is the same woman as:

City: Kirovsk, 187340. Street: Kirova st. 23
Email:[email protected]

The last one is already in your database. I received the same photo and the same letter

her second letter:

Hello my dear friend
I am again very glad to see your letter !!!!!!!
Unfortunately I not always have an opportunity to answer quickly but I never forget that the new message from you waits for me :)
My friend how there is your day? I am fine !!!!!
I shall try to tell to you my ideas about relations.
When I studied in institute my life seem to me much easier.
The love came unexpectedly and it was similar to a dream but when the fog dissipated I understood that it only whiff of a spring wind :)
Now I understand that relations between the man and the woman it not only love, tenderness and passion.
In fact we speak not about a fleeting meeting but about creation of happiness for long years.
I search only for it!
Honesty, respect, fidelity, mutual understanding, support and care about each other is a basis of strong and long relations!
Certainly the life consists not only from beautiful days there are also gloomy days.
At this particular time it is necessary to be the best friend.
Certainly sometimes in family there are disagreements therefore important to find the compromise and to concede each other.
Relations it is very complex system and very greater responsibility because only on us depends that will grow from this.
I heard as one person have told: "Love is when you place your egoism in other person"
It seems to me that really so.
It should seems to me that all in relations to be based on mutual understanding and a mutual consent.
I hope that could open a little for you my ideas :)
I shall wait your answer and photos with impatience!
Let your day will be filled by heat and light!
Yours friend Natallia.

her third letter:

Hello my dear friend
How there is your day? I'm fine and to become even it is better when I see your new message and photos :)
Today I had difficult day on work. I had many buyers very much. And I am glad, that now I can write to you.
In Sunday we went with girlfriends on an ice skating rink! We went to an ice palace where there is an artificial ice.
This huge pleasure when you slide on skates on an ice and you carry out different figures and rotations. Certainly not always it turns out to make all that you want
and sometimes there are falling but I train. During this moment I feel freedom of movement and I feel as a fresh wind fills my hair! You skate on an ice? Probably you like skis?
Unfortunately I seldom ski because it is necessary to leave from Kirovsk on special lines. I very much would like that you have more told about a life in your country?
I heard that an economic situation in your country well. During a life Kirovsk is difficult enough if you were not born in rich family.
There is a huge offer of work. The payment for work decreases because many people come on earnings from burning parts Russia and neighbouring countries.
I have not the best work. I studied in institute seven years to become the children's doctor and have not reached the purpose.
Now in me there is a big desire to create family and I plan move to your country.
Certainly while early to plan concerning us because to us it is necessary to pass the big way.
I shall probably plan to visit your country when I will have a month of rest from work. I think that it will be improbable travel.
I with impatience shall wait your new message.
I wish successful day !!!!!!
Yours Natallia.