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Ciao!!!!! I wanna tell you that I am not professional in writing letters, but I try!!!!So, I am Margaritta, but you can call me Rita, or Margo. As you like!!!!I am 27 years old, working as a designer!! When I studied at university, I learned English language, so I know it well. Not perfect of course, but I writing you my letter now by myself, without any translator!I live in Ukraine, with 2 girls at the flat, which we rent. Because I cannot afford buy my own flat now((But I like it, because this it my friends, and we are happy to live together!Also I have a friend, her name Ksusha, and she 2 years ago, find a nice, kind in the Internet!!After couple of weeks their communication, they have understood, that cannot live without each other no more time! And they met in reality. After meeting, they married, and now have a great happy family!!! So, I decided do the same, and want to find my love.To be honest with you, I don’t want a long communication by letters; because I think that the personal meeting is better in 100 times. Do you agree with me? I wish you a good day, Waiting your answer, Margo!!

Letter 2

Hello, my dear and gentle XXX

How are you doing today?
Tell me, do you like me?
As for me, i really interesting at our communication, I like that you answer my questions honestly!!!
I see that you have interesting life, you are kind, wise man!!!
I want to know what kind of music do you like ?
Do you travel a lot ?

How do you spend your free time?
As for me I like dancing, going to the nature with my friends, reading!!

Waiting you,
Your Margo

Letter 3

Hello my dear XXX

Thanks for your nice replay, I so happy that we continue our communication...and from each letter we knowing each other more and more…it’s seems that we come to each other close….and close…Do you think so?

I see from each your letter that you honest with my in any case, in any questions or answers. I so appreciate it. It’s really important for me!!!!

As for your questions I am romantic, I love nature, I love romantic films.

For me love its serious, but i can be in love soon ,if i fee that its my love!!

I newer have been abroad, but I wish travel.

My clothes depends on my mood!! Of course I like mine black too)))

As for the moving to another country, i agree, I think its natural. Do you think so?

So, darling, I would like to ask you some questions, which I would like to know about you:

Tell me do you like the way of our communication?

If you have a chance where you prefer to live?

If you were on Desert Island what tree things you would take with you?

Are you enjoying of your live? Or you need something more for happiness?

So, honey, I know that you will be honest in your answer, so I’ll be reading it with pleasure….

I am waiting for you’re soonest replay…

I send you my kisses and hugs!!!!

Take care

Your Rita

Letter 4

Hello, my dear XXX

How are you doing today ?

Thanks for your so nice letter!!!!!

I see that you are really honest with me!!!!!

I am glad that we continue our communication!!!!!

Maybe you wondering why I like you, and why I choose you?!!!

I tell you: because you are honest, easy-going, interesting, wise man, you have great life experience!!!!!

And I really can move to another country!!!!

Of course its risk step, but I am sure that you'll care about me!! Do you?

Tell me, what is your plan about our communication? how you imagine our future?

I send you sweet kisses,

Your Margo

Letter 5

Hello, my dear XXX

Thanks for your so nice letter, I see that you really open, honest, positive person, who love his life!!!

I think that we have a lot of commons, because I am as you also very much love nature, romantic……

You may wondering, why I choose you, I answer to you!!!

Because I think you are the best partner, with whom I will create a good, happy family with a healthy kids!!!

I think that you are the right man!!!

You are really so special for me!!!!

I even don't think that people can come close to each other for such short period....its newer happened with me before.....

but I feel such special feelings to i know what is true love.....

maybe its to early talking about love, but i just tell you what I feel to you......

I wish to be your wife, to make your happy!!!!!

I wish to meet you in real life!!!!

I miss you so much, I thinking about you all my free time.....

I send to you my sweet kisses,

and waiting your replay!!!!!


Letter 6

My dear XXX

Oh, honey, I so happy that we have mutual feeling, because I also love you!!!!

I am sure that we will be happy!!!!!!

I make you the happiest man in the world!!!!!

Tell me, are you happy ?!!!

Honey, of course, I will live with you!!!! I'll join with you all my life!!!!!

And of course, we will be a good happy family!!!!!


Honey, tell me, please, the name of the airport where I have to come, that I can check the prices for the trip, and the document, what I need!!!!


Waiting your answer,

your love Margo

Letter 7

My dear xxx

I called to the travel agency, and they told me that

first of all I need a visa in your country, for this I need:

- the reference from work, but I'll do it easy,

- the copy of international passport, which also not a problem,

- 6 small photos, I'll do it,

- the real roundtrip tickets, which I should buy here.

The roundtrip from Kiev, Ukraine (KBP) to XXXXXXXXXXX costs about 363$.

The medical insurance costs 150$.

The visa costs 50$ will be ready during 6-7 days, from the moment I gather all documents!

They propose trip at the middle of June. What do you think?

Isn't great? They told that it can be from 20th of June!!!!

Honey, but you know that I am not rich, so I expect that you help me

with the money for the trip. i think that for you its not a problem,

because you are kind, care, and wise man, who always care about his

love woman.


Your love, sweet Margo

Letter 8

Hello, my dear XXX

Thank you honey, that you answer me!!!! I know that you really very busy!!!!

But I really glad that you find the time for writing me letter!!!!!!

You even cannot imagine how I appreciate that you understand my financial situation!!!!

And I right now called to the travel agency, and consulted with the travel agent, about how you can transfer money. Ms. Marina told me, that the most quicker and safety way for transferring money is Western Union or Money Gram.

For this you need just my full name and address:

Margarita Razina

Gagarina block, house 5/18




Tell me, my love XXX, when you are able to transfer money? Today?

Honey, I want that you understand me, that I really sorry that I have to ask you about help, but I am honesty not from rich family.

But I am sure that you kind, and honest, real man!!!!!

I am waiting your soonest answer!!!!!


Your Margo