Scammer Gorbunova Natalya

Nizhniy Novgorod Russia

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Comment #1939
Hello my loved *****
> It Natalya... I Wish to inform you, that there were problems with
> a trip to you...
> I regret, but now I can not arrive to you, I wildly apologise...
> Thanks for your letter... To me it very much supports...
> Really it is very a pity to me, that so happens...
> I already mentally was there, near to you last days...
> I thought that we well can spend time together...
> But here I did not expect...
> Please, forgive me if has destroyed your and my dreams of a
> meeting...
> I feel guilty...
> Actually I do not know that to me now to do...
> I understand, that I and you need to wait and then we can speak with
> you...
> The reason in that my father has returned from business trip today,
> It carried the goods in the city of Kazan, but on a way has had an
> accident.
> Its lorry has broken. There is an insurance, but it will not
> indemnify its all loss,
> many money for repair and as the father carried the goods very
> valuable is necessary,
> but the goods are damaged are also my father as on those goods there
> was no insurance
> so my father cannot help me with a trip to you should compensate...
> I regret, but it so now, there has come the difficult period in our
> family.
> That is not heavy, but I cannot have now a trip to you...
> The daddy's lorry meant for our family much, now it is the general
> problem for all of us,
> therefore I only wish to tell, that it is necessary to wait... I have
> a part of money,
> but it is not enough to arrive to you. But I am afraid what to wait
> it is necessary very long
> to save up the big sum...
> Now I wish to ask, that is possible you, my dear jade,
> could help me with ticket acquisition to you. I have a visa as you
> already know,
> but it is necessary for me to pay for the ticket in travel agency and
> I at all do
> not know that to me to do.
> If it to you is difficult or you simply do not want, I understand,
> but I know one,
> for me this meeting was very important, I much have made to meet you,
> but I understand,
> that is in many respects vain, I am afraid, that the visa to me will
> be necessary for rejecting,
> as it cannot be necessary for me, without tickets.
> Whether only tell you can help me? I will wait your letter, know, in
> any case,
> you for me mean much!
> With love, Natalya