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She wanted to come to see the USA, so I agreed to help her with the finances and sent her $1100. Then she wanted me to send her an additional $1500 for "pocket money" to show customs so they would let her come here. I told her I didn't have that kind of money, and would she please return the $1100 I had already sent her. She has never responded to my letters since.

This scammer scammed me out of $1100 to buy a ticket to come to the USA. She never came, but she did come up with yet another scam: She said she needed another $1500 to show to customs that she had enough "pocket money" to come here. Without that she said they would not let her come. And she has never returned my $1100.

Enclosed please find the photos and the letters she sent me asking for money, then for more money. At first she asked for something like $950, so I sent her $1100, which was all I had. Then she asked for another $1500 to show to customs as "pocket money" to prove that she had enough to come to the USA. That is a total scam, and I think she knew it.

The following are some of the letters she sent me asking for money.

Hello, my love xxx!

I to read your letters. At the airport I have changed my tickets to

fly up to Knoxville on May, 16. I to not understand about what your

wife speaks. I never lied to you and I shall not do it, I swear to

you. In embassy to me spoke, that will check at me money, I should

have necessarily cash at an input in America. It should be 1500 $. For

1500 $ me does not suffice 1230 $. I already went to the chief of

embassy and my situation spoke. But he has told, that it is the law.

And I necessarily should have 1500 $ at an input to America. If you

can help me I shall not spend this money anywhere as it is necessary

to show me only. I shall give you it at the airport, as soon as we a

meeting with you. I to send you a copy of my passport, hope, that it

will help you. Speak Judie, that I have told to her Hello! I very much

hope for your help, my lovely xxx. I to think, that all will be

good. I to wait for your letter.

Your Olesya.

Hello, my lovely xxx!
Thanks for your letter. I am very glad, that you to help me from money
for trip to you. Without your help I could not arrive to you. I
received money which you to send me for trip and bought tickets to you
for May, 16. After that I took tickets in embassy to show there it. In
embassy have accepted my tickets and wrote down it in papers. After
that I have gone to a department to put the signature of the chief of
embassy. I showed him my passport and all legal papers. He has told,
that all is good with it. But then he asked how many money I take with
itself in the USA. I have told to him, that I take 430 $ as all this,
that at me remained. He has been very much surprised and has told to
me, that me will not miss to the USA with such small sum of money. I
should have with myself at entrance to the USA not less, than 1500 $.
He has told, that will pass me to the USA only a field of how I shall
show 1500 $ in embassy. I was in a shock. I to speak him, that all
documents for trip are ready. But then I to find out, that me really
will not mis to the USA without this money. Before trip to the USA I
should show not less than 1500 $ in embassy. I have been very much
afflicted, as now I to have only 430 $, but I need to eat something
here till March, 17. Unfortunately I to not know, that to me to do
now. I very much to not want to ask you money for trip, but now I to
require in 1230 $ for this purpose. If you can send me it, I shall be
very grateful to you. If you can make it I can give you this money as
soon as we shall meet. How I need to show it only. I shall not spend
money, as I need to show only it here. My love xxx , please, help me with
it. I one in the big city and my hope it only you. I to know, that you
the good person and never will throw me. I very much love you for it.
Now I to want to cry, as I to not know what to do. But I to know, that
you wait for me and my hope will be with me. My heart for ever belongs
to you and you help me to cope with difficulties trip. I am very
grateful to you for everything, that you to do for me. My lovely if
you can help me now with trip send money to the same address:

Western Union
Leningradskii Prospekt, 37b
Moscow, 125167
Olesya Akulova

The information on tickets which I have bought to you:

Departing May 16, 2010
Moscow (DME) depart-6:50 AM
Nashville (BNA) arrive-5:40 PM AMERICAN AIRLINES #3631

Hope, that it is good for you. Please, tell to me. If you can help me
now I shall arrive to you under these tickets on May, 16. I very much
want to arrive as soon as possible to you and to be with you! My heart
burns now. I feel guilty that happened. But I shall suffer all
difficulties to be with you. If it is necessary for you, I can send
you a copy of mine the passport. I love you, dear Frank! I very much
to wait for your letter with hope.
Always your Olesya.

I have very well reached Moscow. Cost of hotel very

expensive, I have decided to rent a room closer to embassy. The room

will cost to me of $55 day, but the mistress has taken from me an

advance payment at once for 10 days. I did not expect that I shall

spend many money to residing here. I have already spread out all my

things and have had time to go in embassy. In embassy of me have met

well, I have filled in the questionnaire. As before embassy I have met

the girl which too wanted to go to America to the guy. She informed

about it in embassy and her have not let out from Russia and did not

give the visa. They to her have explained it to those that they do not

want emigrants and that there is a high probability that this girl

simply wants to leave for America, to marry and remain there. I

considered it and informed them that I go to America as the tourist.

And me has carried, me have written down on registration of the visa.

I have given to them necessary documents, but I still should collect

some information here. To me have told that process will occupy

approximately 14 days. But to me informed that I should give to them

return tickets that they were sure that I am capable to leave for

America and to return back. I at once have gone to the airport to

learn about cost of tickets from Moscow up to You. I have learned that

tickets will cost 1220$. I have been very much upset, I could not buy

tickets as I did not have not enough money to purchase of tickets. I

hastened to make all faster and have not calculated the means. I

thought that I shall keep within in $1500, but it appeared a little. I

have already spent charges for the visa and trips to Moscow of $450,

and still it is necessary to pay residing of $550 then for four days

of residing and I still should eat. It is a pity to me, but I do not

have not enough now $920 to buy tickets not worry that I can to pay

for an apartment for the staying 4 days and can eat all this time to

not starve. Now nobody can help me except for you. Lovely xxx, I of

you very much to ask to help me today. I need in this money to collect

the necessary sum and to buy tickets. It is necessary for making as

soon as possible, I cannot detain embassy, I promised them that I

shall show tickets tomorrow. If I shall not make it to me will not do

the visa and more never will let to America. I expect for your help.

Dear Frank, if I cannot arrive to you I shall lose all in my life and

I shall never trust men more. I to think, that when I shall arrive to

you we with you we shall forget all bad, that was. I had to pass

through many difficulties to move ahead to a meeting with you. I

thought as you much can help me with this money, in fact we so far

apart. In embassy to me have told, that the best way to send the money

- western Union. To me have told, that it is very fast and reliable.

To me have told, that it works all over the world. To receive money, I

should know your full name, your address and 10 figures Money Transfer

Control Number (MTCN). I think, that it will be the best for us.

Please, understand my difficult situation and help me that we have

met. I to think, that you to understand all my situation now, as you

the good person.

Western Union


Leningradskii Prospekt, 37b

Moscow, 125167

Olesya Akulova

Dear xxx, I today am very tired, as Moscow very big city and me was

necessary to go from one end of city in another and it borrowed from

me a lot of time. If you to help me I shall buy tickets for May, 17.

Hope, that it will be good for you. I believe that you really love me

and that this test will not force you to give up from me and the

future happiness. I love you so much you are very handsome man and i

always dream about you. xxx, I dont know what else i can tell you

but my mind full of words of love and nothing else. Every day i hope

that all its real and you are not just my imagination. I believe That

all will be good. I wait for your letter and I hope for a fast meeting

with you. I Love of you and only you.

Yours Olesya.